As a Creative Producer, Chantelle has a strong track record for producing narrative and documentary features, taking them from concept through to distribution.

Chantelle's features include The Hatching, a comedy/beast horror which was distributed worldwide (Icon U.K., Kaleidoscope, Lionsgate US), The Secret Philosophy, an art house drama, Credo, a supernatural thriller aka The Devil’s Curse (Lionsgate US) and Copposites, a body-swap comedy.

Recently she completed her feature documentary, I Am Gen Z directed by Liz Smith, and is currently in production on The Deadline, a series of social commentary feature docs.

I love Penrose's story and was delighted that Paula asked me to produce Finding Penrose!

Chantelle approached her longtime friend, the highly respected producer, Nigel Wooll and because he also loves Penrose's story, Nigel has also joined our production team.

Chantelle on Why She's Producing Finding Penrose

Producing "Finding Penrose," was an easy choice to make as I am deeply drawn to the character-driven, heart-warming story it portrays. While set against the backdrop of past politics in South Africa (during which time I grew up there), the film transcends its historical setting to offer a profound study of a man and his remarkable journey.

Penrose "Tiki" Matsile's story, and his integration into the family of writer Paula Sheridan, captivates me with its themes of grace, purity of self, and resilience.

Paula's grandmother, Miss Ad’s, determination to help Penrose navigate the apartheid era, particularly his struggle to live without the oppressive "dompass," reflects a profound commitment to human dignity and identity.

Penrose emerges as an extraordinary individual, a pacifist who faces adversity with courage and compassion.

The screenplay beautifully dramatizes his life, from his early encounters with white hunters to his eventual discovery of his true identity in later years.

I am passionate about bringing this story to the screen because it resonates deeply with our contemporary world.

In a time marked by intolerance and polarization, "Finding Penrose" offers a poignant reminder of the universal struggles faced by individuals seeking to preserve their identity and dignity in the face of oppression.

The troubling instances of racial intolerance and loss of identity experienced by many today parallel Penrose's own journey, making his story not only relevant but also urgent and necessary to share.

Through "Finding Penrose," I aim to contribute to a broader conversation about empathy, resilience, and the enduring power of the human spirit. By shedding light on Penrose's journey, I hope to inspire audiences to reflect on their own values and beliefs, and to foster greater understanding and compassion in our increasingly divided world.

Creative Producer, Chantelle - Finding Penrose