• UK Actress, Ruby Barker, from Bridgerton talks about Finding Penrose

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  • Max Beesley on Finding Penrose

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  •  Tumi Morake South African comedian, actress, TV personality, and writer.

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  • Humanitarian Laureate, Pramudith D. Rupasinghe loves the Finding Penrose story

    Sensibly penned timeless story of resilience and fragility of being human.

  • Luntu Masiza Finding Penrose Production Team

    Although Finding Penrose features a beautiful friendship between a black man and a white woman, this story is not abo

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    An irresistible human song of a novel…., The Asian Review.

  • Finding Penrose is a work of art - Ubong Johnson

    Finding Penrose is a work of art. Great storytelling. Moving and emotive too. You have done amazing work!!

  • Asal Shirazi BEM Finding Penrose - Executive Producer

    Finding Penrose is a story that resonates with my humanitarian conviction for equality and showing empathy no matter

  • Pulane Irene Chaka - As a Mosotho myself, I am very invested in Penrose's story

    The story, being based on someone's actual experiences, is a beautiful way to share the struggles that were faced and

  • USA Literary Agent on Finding Penrose

    Finding Penrose is a well-written and engaging novel with big commercial potential.

  • LBLA London Literary Agent

    There is much to be liked about Finding Penrose, and it's well written.

  • Stewart Carry, scripteditor for Finding Penrose

    Finding Penrose's raw and powerful simplicity, alongside observations that marry lyrical beauty with shrewd insight,

  • Chantelle De Carvalho - Producer - Finding Penrose

    I am passionate about bringing this story to the screen because it resonates deeply with our contemporary world.