My Fondest Memory of Penrose

Paula Sheridan's fondest memory of Penrose was his laughter and giggles.

My Fondest Memory of Penrose

Author, Paula Sheridan, shares that when something tickled Penrose, his whole face creased up in giggles that seemed to start from his bright eyes and spread across his weathered features. His smile would stretch from ear to ear and even his shoulders would shake with such merriment you couldn't help but laugh along. 

For an extremely shy man, his laughter was boisterous enough to fill a whole room! His shoulder shook as the chuckle rippled through his whole body so infectiously that I suspect it still echoes in the corners where he once sat chuckling at a silly thought. Whenever I need a smile, I think back to that grin creasing Penrose’s joyful face—and soon enough I’m laughing too.

Penrose's laughter was so contagious that even the grumpiest of souls couldn't resist cracking a smile in his presence—it was like a superpower he wielded with every chuckle.

I often recall his pride in how he raised his "grandchildren" of whom I was one. This image is when I got my first car. I went home to show it off and Penrose was my first passenger. He sat in the passenger seat with his arms crossed over his chest all the way to the shops and a huge smug grin of pride on his face!

In this image, Penrose was the first passenger in Paula's first car. She took Penrose to the local shops immediately after taking delivery of her beloved little Golf. Penrose was a regular passenger and took great pride in being ferried around by Paula.

Apologies for the poor quality of this image - it's a very old Polaroid, taken about 40 years ago!